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Strategies on How to Legally Get Out of a Timeshare Contract

The timeshare contract may be considered a binding legal document, but that does not mean that it is absolute and cannot be terminated. The misconception that a timeshare contract is interminable is the result of some fraudulent and dishonest timeshare companies claiming that it is, causing many consumers to feel intimidated and powerless. Under the law, contracts, including timeshares, can still be canceled or terminated for a variety of reasons, including fraud and realizing that the timeshare is not for you. Seeking legal counsel from a leading marketing platform for timeshare attorneys can get you started on how to legally get out of a timeshare contract. Here are some strategies that attorneys may recommend:

  • Cancel the contract within the cancellation period – Timeshare contracts typically have a given period when you can cancel it. That period tends to vary by state, but it is usually between five and ten days. This right cannot be waived, and this means that the company who sold you the timeshare cannot tell you to give it up. Hence, you need to act quickly as soon as you change your mind about the contract, and be sure to write the cancellation letter and give it to the company within the allotted time frame
  • Sell the timeshare – Consumer Protection Laws requires the private seller to provide full disclosure of all terms, conditions, and full disclosure prior to executing a financial commitment. Such as
  • Timeshares are not real property;
  • The true owner of the real property is the developer;
  •  The developer can legally charge you fees above and beyond the maintenance fees without the owners’ consent;
  • Upon the member’s death, the members heirs successors and assigns would HAVE to inherit all financial and legal obligations under contract. With such facts being disclosed; people will not have an interest in purchasing a timeshare; would you?
  • Terminate the contract with help from a timeshare attorney – In some cases, you might be able to get out of the contract, even after the cancellation period has expired by suing the company, especially if you suspect fraudulent or dishonest selling practices. Remember that consumer protection laws exist to protect you from deceptive and unfair business and sales practices. An experienced timeshare attorney can tell you how to legally get out of a timeshare contract.



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